November 2014

November 1st 2014

5:30 pm
First Winter Blast - Featuring Charlie Musselwhite
8:00 pm
Stand-Up Comedy

November 7th 2014

8:00 pm
Pure Prairie League

November 8th 2014

8:00 pm
Pure Prairie League

November 9th 2014

6:00 pm
Pure Prairie League

November 13th 2014

8:00 pm
California Guitar Trio

November 14th 2014

8:00 pm
California Guitar Trio

November 15th 2014

8:00 pm
Improv Extravaganza!

November 21st 2014

8:00 pm
SHREK The Musical

November 22nd 2014

4:00 pm
SHREK The Musical
8:00 pm
SHREK The Musical

November 23rd 2014

6:00 pm
SHREK The Musical

November 28th 2014

8:00 pm
SHREK The Musical

November 29th 2014

4:00 pm
SHREK The Musical
8:00 pm
SHREK The Musical

November 30th 2014

6:00 pm
SHREK The Musical

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Banksy Rat

SOB! Save Our Banksy

Watch Our Video -

A rare Banksy piece of street art, a rat wearing red and blue 3-D movie glasses was painted by the artist in advance of the world premiere of the film "Exit through the Gift Shop" at The Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 24, 2010. The outdoor "Dirty Rat" was painted on a theatre stage door and immediately posted on the official Banksy website. The door was removed by Theatre management with the intent of protecting it from vandalism and determining a plan to best utilize this marvelous artistic gift.

The Egyptian Theatre is asking supporters in Park City, Utahns statewide, and Banksy fans all around the world to donate to a "SOB" Save Our Banksy Fund - to preserve the Dirty Rat here in Park City, Utah and Keep this Banksy outdoors for public viewing and enjoyment. This initiative will turn "Art into Art". Banksy fans who are dismayed that street art is removed and sold at auction should contribute to this initiative!

The Theatre needs funding to acquire space for their children's youth theatre space. A year ago they lost classroom and rehearsal space that had used for the past 20 years! The Egyptian needs to raise $3 million dollars and hopes this campaign will assist in that goal. This will keep the culture of children's performing arts available in Park City for years to come.

Of the original 7 Banksy pieces created in Park City, The Dirty Rat Door is the only original that has not been destroyed, removed or touched up. It remains in its original state. Banksy rats are very iconic in his work.

Randy Barton, Egyptian Theatre Manager and Director states - "This Banksy seemed like a huge surprise gift! We originally thought we should try to auction off the Banksy door with the hope that a local philanthropist would be the winning bid and donate it back to the theatre, keeping it in Park City. We desperately need the cash. Our longtime youth theatre space across the street is being remodeled into high end condominiums. After 20 years, our children's program is now homeless. But then, we realized the artist (Banksy), greatly disliked his street pieces being turned into private commercial works of art - by folks tearing them off the street and auctioning them off to the wealthy. We being artists ourselves, understand artistic integrity. It is a huge risk financially for us to pass on selling the work, but in the end the right thing to do. I can only hope that the large benefactor miraculously arrives and that art fans plus Banksy fans will support this cause financially. A large donation or two, along with thousands of small donations will offset any gain we could have hoped for and still allow us to Save Our Banksy!"

To donate online -

By Phone - 1 (435) 649-9371 Extension 29

By Mail - Write Checks to:

Save Our Banksy
The Egyptian Theatre
PO Box 3119
Park City, UT 84060

The Egyptian is a 501c-3 nonprofit organization and all donations are fully tax deductible.

Photos of Dirty Rat on Main Street Park City -

Banksy Street Art Locations -

About Egyptian Theatre -

About Banksy in Park City

"Exit through the Gift Shop," which sparked the Banksy works in Park City, documents the unidentified, British-born graffiti artist's guerilla approach to art - Two other Banksy works are currently located off Main Street in Park City on building walls: a mural of a boy with a pink halo and angel wings, and a cameraman shooting a flower.