The world-famous Egyptian Theatre in Park City, Utah is holding a fundraising initiative called “SOB – Save Our Banksy.” A rare Banksy piece of street art, a rat wearing red and blue 3-D glasses, was painted on a theatre stage door in advance of the world premiere of the film “Exit through the Gift Shop” at The Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 24, 2010.


The Egyptian Theatre is asking local supporters of the arts and Banksy fans around the world to donate to a “Save Our Banksy” fund in order to preserve the piece and keep it outside for public viewing and enjoyment as the artist originally intended.


The proceeds from the fundraising will not only support the protection of the Banksy, but also be used to acquire space for the Egyptian’s children’s youth theater space. The Egyptian seeks to raise $3 million dollars to ensure the future of children’s performing arts programming in Park City.


“Our longtime youth theatre space across the street is being remodeled into high end condominiums. After 20 years, our children’s program is now homeless,” says Randy Barton, Manager of the Egyptian Theatre. “We realized the artist [Banksy] greatly disliked his street pieces being turned into private commercial works of art – by folks tearing them off the street and auctioning them off to the wealthy.


“We being artists ourselves, understand artistic integrity and decided not to sell the work, but to keep it in Park City as it was intended to be enjoyed. A large donation or two, along with thousands of small donations will allow us to both ‘Save Our Banksy,’ and hopefully help us find a new home for our children’s programs.”


Of the original seven Banksy pieces created in Park City, "Dirty Rat" is the only original t hat has not been destroyed, removed or touched up. Banksy rats are very iconic in his work. The rat was immediately posted on the Banksy website upon its creation.

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Mail checks to:

Save Our Banksy
The Egyptian Theatre
PO Box 3119
Park City, UT 84060

For more about the Egyptian Theatre, click on "About Us."


About Banksy in Park City

"Exit through the Gift Shop," which sparked the Banksy works in Park City, documents the unidentified, British-born graffiti artist's guerrilla approach to art. Two other Banksy works are currently located off Main Street in Park City on building walls: a mural of a boy with a pink halo and angel wings, and a cameraman shooting a flower.

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