Our Next Show / Cheerleaders VS. Aliens

Written by Rachel Bublitz

Directed by Alicia Washington

When aliens invade a small town and abduct the high school football team in order steal their brain jelly, no one steps up to save them. Not any parents, not the principal, not the police, not the fire department, not the governor, not even the marines. Thankfully there’s one last group no one ever thought of as heroic, and they’re ready and able to kick some alien butt. That’s right, the cheerleaders. Lead by science fiction enthusiast and self-proclaimed mega nerd Gilda, the Greenville High School Cheerleading Squad uses rhymes, cartwheels, glitter, and a fun-ton of tin foil to save the day.true meaning of Christmas.

School Matinee Performances: May 10  @ Noon

Book your school fieldtrip! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating school, grade, and requested # of seats.


PUBLIC PERFORMANCES: May 10-12 @ 7pm & May 12 @ 2pm

for tickets call 435-649-9371 or book online


Cheerleaders VS. Aliens Artistic Statement, Rachel Bublitz

When I decided to write a play designed to be produced at high schools I thought back to my days in a high school drama department. What did high school Rachel want out of a play? The one major thing glared back at me in pulsing neon lights: MORE PARTS FOR LADIES! Coming with a background in acting I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to pore through a play you plan on auditioning for only to discover how few characters in the play are written for females. More often than not we’re stuck only with the love interest, the mother, or the maid. What’s even more frustrating about this phenomenon is that if you visit the vast majority of any drama department or theater scene, you’ll find it disproportionately filled with women and girls. So right off the bat I knew that my cast would be majority female, or gender nonspecific.

Deeper than that though, I wanted to have an assortment of roles that defied what we typically see available for girls; I wanted every single one of them to be smart, I wanted my characters to have agency, I wanted my characters to be funny, to be caring, to be tough, and to be resourceful. I did not want to include “catfights” or any storylines where girls fought over some dude. In short, I wanted to create characters that girls rarely get a chance to play. And I wanted a whole lot of them. This was the birth of Cheerleaders VS. Aliens . A play that answered my years of seeing all the great roles that weren’t meant for me to play.

Cheerleaders VS. Aliens is fun, silly, and filled with glitter, and it doesn’t hold back in the girlpower department either. It’s my hope to create characters that show my audience that girls are up to any challenge we throw at them, they only need to be given the chance. And also, to show any of the actors stepping into this play, that they can, like me, fix the wrongs they see in the world, because if you don’t like the characters available to you, you have the power to write some characters of your own.


PLAYWRIGHT BIO, Rachel Bublitz

Rachel Bublitz is an award winning and internationally produced playwright. Her fulllength play “ Of Serpents & Sea Spray ” was commissioned and produced by San Francisco’s Custom Made Theatre and received a second production with This is Water Theatre. Another
fulllength play “ Let’s Fix Andy ” is having a workshop production in the summer of 2018 with the Wyoming Theater Festival. Her tenminute play “ Really Adult ” is a finalist for the Actors Theatre of Louisville’s 2017 Heideman Award. Rachel has also worked with Playwrights Foundation, San Francisco Playhouse, PlayGround, Dramatists Guild of America, Salt Lake Acting Company, and PlanB Theatre. She has an MA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. When she isn’t writing, she’s chasing after her two viking like children and learning about weather in her new home of Salt Lake City. For more, visit RachelBublitz.com .